Other blogs you should be reading if you’re not already:

The Oracular Beard: poetry & comics by my bearded best friend
Chris Stringer Music: tour diary by my London counterpart
Your Local Smithy: books, beer, asst nerdery by my kid sister
Mid Life Mixtape: for the years between being hip & breaking one
Seen Through a Glass: beer & spirits by Lew Bryson
Booze & Reviews Blog: music tips with an extra tipple
Tempest in a Tankard: intellectual ferment of a different kind
Ben’s Beer Blog: Ontario beer blogger
Liquid Alchemy: exploring the world’s breweries, wineries & more
The Whisky Exchange: A whisky lover’s blog
Ruben Arribas (Gamin Traveler): travel without money
Backroads Traveller: Adirondacks, Genesee Valley, Finger Lakes
Timmy Tatts: friend, goon, rambler, tattooer extraordinaire
Selvedge Yard: artistry, anarchy, alchemy & authenticity
Aquarium Drunkard: eclectic music blog, vintage garage/psych/r&b/etc.
Rock & Soul Ichiban: obscure 50’s & 60’s tunes & vintage radio spots
The Devil’s Music: he does whatever the fuck he wants
Diddy Wah: blues/soul/rockabilly tunes

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