Equal parts bourbon, vintage shoes & vinyl records.

I’m Anthony.  I’m generally grumpy and kind of an asshole, though trying to be a bit less so these days for the sake of my five year old son, and my own mental stability as I advance further into adulthood.  Hence, the Aging Cynic.

My hobbies include but are not limited to food, beer & liquor, music (mostly old punk, blues, soul and garage rock), traditional tattoos, art, movies, TV, biographies & autobiographies, vintage clothes and travel.  I left my heart in Baltimore to settle in central PA with my best gal Rebecca, our son Enzo and two cats.  I’m a singer/songwriter playing folk, blues and soul styles under the stage name Anthony St. James (my actual last name often proves difficult for some people to pronounce), as well as one half of folk & beat poet duo The Echo & Sway and one third of blues & roots trio Rattlesnake Gospel.

about the blog

Here you can expect to find honest, unpretentious, sarcastic and slightly scattered musings about the road and all the good stuff along the way.  I’ll ramble at length about shows and the venues I play in, bands and their records, restaurants and their menus, bars and their cocktails, breweries and their beer, and all journeys big and small, from the back roads of rural Pennsylvania to the back alleys of European cities.

My general philosophy is to go local, and if I have one objective with TAC it’s to inspire others to do the same. Becoming truly acquainted with any new place means immersing yourself in the local food, drink, music, customs, etc.  Never leaving the Sandals resort means you’re only visiting Jamaica in the loosest sense of the term, and seeking out the Hard Rock Café whether 30 or 3000 miles from home is both uninspiring and sad.

I welcome comments and criticism but understand I work a 9-5 job, earn an average middle class income and have a child who eats as if we’re on the cusp of the next great famine, so I don’t have the money or means to provide all-inclusive guides to faraway exotic locales.  A trip to NYC isn’t going to encompass the five boroughs; it’s more likely I’ll be playing a gig in Brooklyn and in the precious few hours I have to explore I’ll seek out the pub that serves local microbrews, a farm-to-table restaurant that supports local growers, the record store with stacks of old 45’s on the counters and the coffee shop with the mismatched furniture and chipped mugs.

Please email me at anthonylalota@hotmail.com with questions, concerns, recommendations, beauty tips, conspiracy theories and award opportunities. Photos occasionally pop up on my Instagram page as well.  However you found your way here, thanks for stopping by.

Stay cynical, my friends.

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