The Legend of Man Voyage

April 4, 2016 § 3 Comments

Man Voyage was established in 2013.  My pal Jared and I needed a way to celebrate our impending fatherhood and a three day road trip in search of good food and beer seemed like the way to go. It’s since become an annual excursion, one of the trips I most look forward to and a focal point of this young blog.

I was recently contacted on Facebook by a guy in Manchester who saw our show at the Castle Hotel last March.  The random string of words he plugged into a Google search led him to my tour diary, which coincides with Man Voyage III.  He asked specifically about the name and while we didn’t put much thought into it before, the time seems right for a more extensive definition and official mission statement, as we approach our fourth installment and once again, my friend has reason to simultaneously celebrate and panic as he and his wife prepare to welcome their second child (congrats, guys!).

Man Voyage [/’män voi’äZH/]

  • A renewal of friendship and general recharging of mental, emotional and spiritual batteries through good food and libations on the road.
  • A road trip with an awesome name.

There are no rules per se, as that would take away the fun and go against the spirit of Man Voyage. There are, however, a few particulars we adhere to:

1) A focus on all things local: food, drink, lodging, shops, even gas stations when possible.  Chain establishments are only permissible in times of desperation.

2) A heavier use of back roads over major highways.  Man Voyage is as much about the journey as it is the destination.

3) Exploration of the unfamiliar and the discovery of new things are important aspects.  The majority, if not all of the stops should be new.

4) A celebration of song: each year I make a mixtape (well, iPod playlist… this isn’t the 90’s anymore) with a travel/exploration/carpe diem theme.  Sample excerpts include Simon & Garfunkel’s “America” and Social Distortion’s “Live Before You Die.” And of course “Born to Run.”  That’s been on all of them.

5) A leisurely pace: everyday life is rushed enough.  We want to make the most of the time we have but it’s important to slow down, stop to take pictures of roadside oddities and soak up the scenery on those back roads.

We depart next week for Ontario, where we’ll play our first gig for the Great White North in Kingston, explore Prince Edward County and the 1000 Islands before heading home through Sackets Harbor and the eastern reaches of New York’s Finger Lakes. Come along with us on Instagram:

¡Viva Man Voyage!

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